Coup de chaos, Prologue
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Bridge Square Park, Northfield, Minnesota
Friday, 21 December 2012, 1345 hours local time

To anyone who might have happened along the nearby Division Street, they were just two men happening to pass each other by the river. Of course, even in the early afternoon on this snowy Friday, not that many people were outside if they didn't have to be. And so, the two members of the Chaos Insurgency could meet with impunity, alone and unheard by prying ears.

"Cold out today," said the younger man said. He pronounced out as oat, proclaiming his Canadian heritage to anyone listening.

The older man snorted, twin wisps of his breath appearing from his nose. "That's why they invented hot drinks," he said, raising a steaming mug.

The younger man asked, "Tea?"

"Coffee," came the response.

Having completed the code-phrase greeting, the younger man got down to business. "You see what happened in Connecticut this morning?"

"Nasty business," nodded the older man. "That sort of thing always is, especially when it serves no purpose. Won't affect us, though."

"Surely the constabulary will be on alert for—" began the younger man, but his companion cut him off.

"Neither the Feds nor the local Leos are any concern for us," growled his companion. "And the NRA has the government in its pocket. Besides, we already have all the merchandise, legally purchased by clean assets from reputable sources. The whole team has the playbook memorized, and unless the 'no-go' signal appears, the music will start on time."

"So we're on, then," asked the Canadian.

"We're on," said the older man.

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