James C. Mycroft

Person-of-Interest File

Name: James Carl Mycroft
File Status: Active
Date of Last File Update: ██ November 2012

Special Contact Protocols: All Foundation personnel are to observe caution and report any interaction with individual to Foundation counterintelligence. Individual is known to solicit classified material; unauthorized disclosure of information is grounds for disciplinary action under Foundation General Security Protocol 03, Sections 366.

Professor Sir James C. M. Mycroft (file photo)

Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 12 March 1945 (age 67)
Nationality: British; Maintains citizenship in both United Kingdom and Switzerland
Hair: White (wears full beard, also white)
Eyes: Blue
Height: 188 cm
Weight: Estimated ~80 kg (designated light heavyweight boxer during university days)

Decorations/Honors: Knight Grand Cross of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (GBE)
Profession: Professor of Mathematics, Cambridge University, UK
Academic History:

  • Bachelor of Science (Mathematics), Cambridge University (c/o 1966)
  • Doctor of Philosophy (Mathematics), Cambridge University (c/o 1970)
  • Doctor of Philosophy (Astronomy), Cambridge University (c/o 1974)

Academic Society Membership: Institute of Mathematics and its Applications, Institute of Physics, Royal Astronomical Society

Language Proficiency: English (Native), German (Native), French (Fluent), Russian (Fluent), Italian (Conversational), Spanish (Conversational), Classical Latin (Rudimentary)

Recruitment Prospects: Recruitment attempted and failed, 1971. (See addendum)
Affiliations with Groups-of-Interest: Serves as freelance information broker, having provided information to the Foundation, the Global Occult Coalition, and Prometheus Labs, Inc.; Believed to be a club member of Marshall, Carter and Dark, Ltd.; Displays little loyalty to any single group and is willing to provide information to all sides if payment is sufficient.
Threat Level: Moderate; Foundation personnel are to observe caution and report any interaction with individual to Foundation counterintelligence.

Profile: Professor Sir James Mycroft is a Professor of Mathematics at Cambridge University. He has published extensively on advanced mathematics and celestial mechanics. He is also a freelance information broker for organizations studying the paranormal and preternatural. He displays little loyalty to any single such organization, preferring a self-described "neutral" stance. He has consulted with the Foundation on several occasions, both providing information about other organizations and objects not in the Foundation's custody, and performing analysis on mathematical or astronomical SCP objects. Though the source[s] of Mycroft's information within the Foundation and other organizations is/are unknown, it is speculated that said source[s] is/are high-level and pervasive. Foundation personnel are advised to observe caution when interacting with Mycroft; all such interactions are to be reported to Foundation counterintelligence.

Mycroft is wealthy, owning large shares in a variety of major corporations including (but not limited to):

  • Baasch Engineering Corporation
  • Global Transport, Ltd.
  • Howell Information Technologies
  • Huntington Arms, Inc.
  • Prometheus Labs, Inc. [*Group-of-interest to the Foundation]
  • Saito Mining Industries
  • Wallace Security Enterprises

Though controlling shares sufficient to affect policy at these corporations, Mycroft appears to display little interest in affecting their operations or management. Mycroft also is known to generously support a variety of charities, including the International Red Cross, Global Clinic Charity, Engineers Without Borders, and the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Known Associates: Mycroft is well-connected socially and politically, and has been confirmed to have dealings with the following individuals:

  • Lieutenant Colonel (retired) Sebastian Morris, private military consultant, formerly of the British Army: Business associate. [*Person-of-interest to the Foundation]
  • Alan Hamilton, O5-5: Roommates during university. (Deceased, 21 December 1988)
  • Cornelia Dark, née Roosevelt, O5-7: Met during university. (Deceased, 26 December 1988)
  • Timothy Harper, O5-7: Regular correspondent.
  • Johann Schneider, Deputy Director of the Global Occult Coalition European Division: Childhood friend.
  • Randolph Carter III, Partner, Marshall, Carter, & Dark: Mentor. [*Person-of-interest to the Foundation]
  • David Cameron, British Prime Minister: Personal friend.
  • General Sir Peter Anthony Wall, Chief of the General Staff, British Army: Former student.
  • Sir John Major, former British Prime Minister: Chess partner.
  • Sir Christopher Keith Curwen, former British Chief of the Secret Intelligence Service: Personal friend.
  • Sir John Sawers, British Chief of the Secret Intelligence Service: Personal friend.
  • Corina Casanova, Federal Chancellor of Switzerland: Personal friend.
  • Alain Berset, Head of the Department of Home Affairs of Switzerland: Informal adviser for advanced mathematics education.
  • Brigadier General Jean-Philippe Gaudin, Chief Military Intelligence Service/J2, Swiss Army: former commander from Mycroft's service in Swiss Army. [*Person-of-interest to the Foundation]

Known Related SCP Objects:

  • SCP-006 - In possession of 75 liters (as of Dec 1988).
  • SCP-033 - Written classified treatise dissenting the documented existence and effects (disseminated to GOC and Foundation).
  • SCP-662 - Owns an apparent duplicate, capable of summoning the anomalous butler known as "Mr. Deeds". Close inspection not possible.
  • SCP-1050 - Provided mathematical analysis to Foundation.
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