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Instance of SCP-XXXX-A
Instance of SCP-XXXX-B

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Recovered instances of SCP-XXXX are to be stored in a standard secure non-hazardous item safe. Under no circumstances are instances of SCP-XXXX to be affixed to clothing.

Human subject testing and field use are no longer authorized. Research projects involving SCP-XXXX are permitted with written authorization of the Site Director.

Description: SCP-XXXX can be sub-categorized into two groups, designated -A and -B respectively. Apart from obvious physical differences, the two subtypes of SCP-XXXX appear to function identically.1 SCP-XXXX-A appear to be copies of the Медаль «За укрепление боевого содружества», or the Medal "For Strengthening Military Cooperation", awarded to members of the Soviet military or state security apparatus for strengthening military cooperation between the USSR and its allies. SCP-XXXX-B appear to be sets of gold cufflinks, shaped in a five-pointed star, inlaid with red and emblazoned with a gold sickle-and-hammer.

Under most circumstances, instances of SCP-XXXX appear inert and are effectively indistinguishable from non-anomalous medals or cufflinks. If affixed to clothing, however, the object, the clothing, and any individual who might be wearing the clothing become intangible and visible only within the infrared (IR) spectrum.2 A slight "popping" sound is audible upon activation; it is conjectured that this is caused by the pressure equalization of the air surrounding the now-intangible individual filling the newly-created vacuum. It is further conjectured that, as the affected individual is believed to be no longer interacting with the air surrounding them that imminent death from asphyxiation is likely. The individual wearing SCP-XXXX remains affected by gravity, resulting in their rapid descent towards Earth's gravitational center.

SCP-XXXX was developed by the 13th Chief Directorate of the KGB in 1982 as a potential infiltration tool for the KGB's espionage activities. The medal and cufflinks were chosen as platforms under the belief a KGB officer under diplomatic cover in the West might reasonably have either in their possession. After the loss of over two hundred test subjects due to the technical difficulties of preventing the user from either asphyxiating or falling irretrievably through the floor and ground, the project was shelved in 1984 until early 1991. The current status of the renewed project's researchers, data, and prototypes is not presently known; all instances of SCP-XXXX encountered by the Foundation were created prior to 1984.

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