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I call your attention to the two sections intended for people beside myself, the audio drama script template (intended for anyone who wants it, located down in the tabbox about Audio Drama Works In Progress), and the Works In Progress which are ready for peer review. Let me know what your thoughts are!


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Hornby - Conspiracy
Hornby - Cave-related Drafts
Mr. President, we need a word
Hornby - Mole-J
Project Heimdall
SCP-XXXK (Archived)

Audio Drama Works In Progress

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  • Refine SCP-Q
  • Write up Alzheimer's -EX entry
  • Write up SCP-S; refine idea
  • Continue working on Area 179 containment breach audio script

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SCP-XXX exterior

Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXX is contained on-site under the cover of a privately-owned Arctic meteorological research station. Located more than 100 kilometers from the nearest town, distance and inhospitable terrain serve to isolate SCP-XXX.

SCP-XXX should be guarded by a security team consisting of no fewer than three (3) individuals. An electrified perimeter fence is to be maintained one kilometer from SCP-XXX. Motion-activated high-speed cameras are to be set up within SCP-XXX, recording both the location and the perimeter. These cameras should be monitored both by the onsite security team and by offsite personnel in the Site-11 and Site-32 watch offices.

All data gathered from SCP-XXX should be backed up to offsite data storage facilities no less than twelve times daily.

Mobile Task Force Xi-11 (currently located at Site-32) is tasked with responding should SCP-XXX suffer a containment breach. SCP-XXX is subject to Protocol SE-0659/A. SCP-XXX is not subject to Protocol XK-0272/A.

Description: SCP-XXX is a Foundation Observation Post: a remote Foundation Security outpost tasked with monitoring every major Foundation secure facility and with offsite data storage. It consists of a single building, approximately five (5) meters wide by ten (10) meters long, constructed on ten (10) articulating stilts capable of adjusting as the icecap shifts. The facility is designed to maintain a permanent staff of three to five (3-5) individuals in spartan living conditions, with consumables for five months. Resupply is possible by air, weather permitting. The building is equipped with a nerve gas primary failsafe mechanism and a high explosive secondary failsafe mechanism. The automated systems at SCP-XXX designate it Observation Post 3-87, despite the fact that no such Observation Post was ever built.

While the facility's communications station is capable of receiving data relating to current Foundation assets, alert systems, research, facilities, and/or task forces, it has also demonstrated the capacity to receive authenticated Foundation communications from unknown sources.

History: SCP-XXX was discovered on ██/██/20██, when the Site-11 received a properly-formatted and twice-authenticated automatic notification of the primary failsafe activation for Foundation Observation Post 3-87, despite the fact that no such Foundation Observation Post was known to exist. Mobile Task Force Xi-11 was dispatched to investigate, discovering the bodies of four (4) individuals, including:

  • Female subject: Genetic match to Dr. Rachel Mackenzie (0171-UT-00890364). Wears Foundation Security battle dress uniform with “Major” rank insignia and name tape “Mackenzie”. Armed with FN P90. Killed by three gunshot wounds to torso. NOTE: Dr. Mackenzie was subsequently confirmed to be alive and in good health at Site-██.
  • Male subject #1: Unidentified male Caucasian, with face destroyed. Wears civilian attire. ID in wallet gives name [REDACTED]; no matches found within Foundation personnel files. Killed by gunshot wound to back of head.
  • Male subject #2: Unidentified male, indeterminate ethnicity. Wears unidentified military fatigues of same style as Male subjects #3 and #4. No rank insignia or identification. Armed with MP5SD. Killed by two gunshot wounds to face.
  • Male subject #3: Unidentified male Caucasian, blond hair, blue eyes. Wears unidentified military fatigues of same style as Male subjects #2 and #4. No rank insignia or identification. Non-fatal gunshot wound to torso. Armed with MP5SD. Killed by inhalation of nerve gas.
  • Male subject #3: Unidentified male Caucasian, brown hair, grey eyes. Wears unidentified military fatigues of same style as Male subjects #2 and #3. No rank insignia or identification. Armed with MP5SD. Killed by inhalation of nerve gas.

Addendum: Protocol SE-0659/A

Foundation Observation Posts are to initiate primary failsafe devices rather than risk capture by non-Foundation forces. Primary failsafe devices are to both 1) preserve the integrity of data systems and 2) deny access to these systems until such time as Foundation forces can secure them. In the event the automated security systems detect continued presence of unauthorized forces after the activation of primary failsafe devices, automated secondary failsafe devices are to activate. Secondary failsafe devices are to ensure that all data systems are irreparably destroyed.

For information about data received by SCP-XXX, see Data Log XXX.

This is the sandbox page for "Conspiracy", a Foundation tale about exactly that.

There is nothing to see here. Move along, citizen.

You are not cleared to read this yet. Good day.

Sandbox for Gears/Hornby collaboration on Foundation interactions with governments.

Posted To Wiki

  • Conspiracy - while not actually part of this series directly, I'm picturing it in the same universe.

Drafts in Progress

A set of tab for in-progress drafts. Drafts include:

  • Special Advisor to the President


A set of tabs for brainstorming. Brainstorming threads include:

General Brainstorming
For all that other stuff that doesn't fit in a specific story.
Rough Rider
The Foundation and Theodore Roosevelt.
An Already Cluttered Gameboard
The Foundation and the Second World War.
Playa Girón
The real reasoning behind the ill-fated Bay of Pigs fiasco.
Nobody's Puppet
Interactions between the Democratic People's Republic of Korea and the Chaos Insurgency.
Just a Simple Test
The reasoning behind the ill-fated test that led to Chernobyl.
Special Advisor to the President
How the Foundation contacts the President.

Prior Brainstorming Correspondence (For Easy Reference)

I've stuck the back and forth brainstorming correspondence in here for easy access, rather than having to keep pulling up Wikidot messages. (In other words, proof of Hornby's general laziness.)

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SCP-976-J, prior to neutralization

Item #: SCP-976-J

Object Class: Euclid Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1973-J has been neutralized. All known instances of SCP-976-J have been neutralized. In the event of a future discovery of an instance of SCP-976-J, they are to be neutralized by any means necessary.

For previous containment protocols, see Addendum 1.

Description: SCP-976-J was a stone statue of an anthropomorphized Scalopus aquaticus standing on a pile of earth holding a shovel. A Prometheus Labs, Inc. logo was printed on the underside of the statue.

SCP-976-J was able to teleport by methods unknown. Though teleportation of distances up to one kilometer were observed, 98.7% of recorded “jumps” fell within a normalized distribution of ten meters (with a two meter standard deviation). Jumps occurred at apparently random intervals, but never more frequently than once per thirty minutes.

If/when SCP-976-J was dealt major physical damage which would otherwise destroy a similar statue, it would jump between one and ten minutes after receiving the damage, reappearing elsewhere fully repaired. For details on destruction attempts, see Addendum 2.

SCP-976-J appeared at Site 11 on ██/██/1989. After repeated attempts to transfer the statue to alternate locations failed and the object repeatedly appeared in sensitive areas containing classified documents, it was deemed a probable surveillance device and approved for destruction on ██/██/1990. Despite the Prometheus Labs origin, it is unknown whether that organization is responsible for SCP-976-J's appearance at Site 11, or whether persons unknown were using their product to conduct surveillance against the Foundation.

Attempts at neutralization, performed at Site 11’s Secure Annex, were hampered both by SCP-976-J’s repeated attempts to return to Site 11 and its capacity for self-repair.

SCP-976-J was finally neutralized on ██/██/1997.

Addendum 1: Former Special Containment Protocols For SCP-976-J

SCP-976-J is to be kept in a standard Euclid-rated containment safe with sufficient interior volume to hold it.

Procedures deemed insufficient after SCP-976-J simply teleported to sit on top of the safe.

SCP-976-J is to be kept within a custom containment safe created with the "Very Fine" setting of SCP-914.

Procedures deemed insufficient after SCP-976-J simply teleported to sit on top of the safe.

SCP-976-J is to be kept in the center of a standard containment room no smaller than thirteen (13) meters wide by thirteen (13) meters long. Constant video surveillance is to be maintained. Should SCP-976-J teleport, it is to be replaced at the center of the room.

Procedures deemed insufficient following a 987 meter teleportation jump in the direction of Site 11.

Addendum 2: Record of Neutralization Attempts For SCP-976-J
Due to a combination of SCP-976-J's teleportation capabilities (making transfer to other locations difficult), and the security risk of showing SCP-976-J containment protocols of other SCPs, Foundation Counterintelligence requested neutralization attempts utilizing other SCPs be kept to an absolute minimum.

Attempt: Impact with 9.1 kg sledgehammer.
Result: SCP-976-J shattered. Five minutes later, object teleports to eight meters away with no apparent damage.

Attempt: Immersion in sulfuric acid.
Result: SCP-976-J dissolved. Ten minutes later, object teleports to ten meters away with no apparent damage.

Attempt: Immersion in concentrated chlorine trifluoride.
Result: SCP-976-J apparently destroyed. Six minutes later, object teleports to eleven meters away with no apparent damage.

Attempt: Shot with shotgun.
Result: SCP-976-J shattered. Four minutes later, object teleports to ten meters away with no apparent damage.

Attempt: Shot with anti-materiel rifle.
Result: SCP-976-J shattered. Five minutes later, object teleports to ten meters away with no apparent damage.

Attempt: Detonation of 2000 kg high explosive charge.
Result: SCP-976-J obliterated. Ten minutes later, object teleports to fifty meters away with no apparent damage.

Attempt: Bombarded with gamma radiation.
Result: SCP-976-J displays no observable change. Nine minutes later, object teleports to twelve meters away with no apparent damage.

Attempt: Fed to SCP-682.
Result: SCP-976-J fails to reappear; deemed neutralized.
Notes: We don't know if simply feeding this to 682 was actually what destroyed the thing, or if it was the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back. For that matter, we don't even know if this thing is actually destroyed - it might be taking detailed pictures of 682's innards. - Dr. ██████, 976-J Neutralization Team Leader

Addendum 3: Intelligence Report ██/██/1998
Following the cleanup of the Prometheus Labs facility, documents were recovered suggesting the possible existence of up to ██ more instances of SCP-976-J. No further instances have been recovered. There are more of the fucking things? It takes us seven years to destroy one of them, and you're telling me there are more?! Goddammit! - Foundation Counterintelligence Director ████████.

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