Undeveloped Proposals

Proposed E-Class Objects:

  • KROT - "крот" KGB 13th Chief Directorate covert technical monitoring device
  • Nematerialnyy - нематериальный Intangibility jewelry
  • Time-dilation grenades
  • Luggage

Proposed Operations:

  • A crisis on the order of the Cuban Missile Crisis, only between the Foundation and a GoI (probably either the GOC or the Chaos Insurgency).
  • The defection and instigation of general insurgency warfare by a major Foundation site to the Chaos Insurgency in the (fictional) former Soviet Republic of Подлогистан.
  • A tale following a spy and assassin who works for the Foundation, but like in Conspiracy is mostly removed from the paranormal stuff.

Potential MacGuffins:

  • SCP-154 (contact Kain Pathos Crow)
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